Social Networking Policies

Social Networking/Blogging Policies for Schools

Self-Publishing and Social Media Guidelines for Students

These Guidelines are for pupils within East Lothian Council who use social media including weblogs, podcast or wikis for online communication and collaboration as part of their learning activities.

To Blog or Not To Blog

While blogging is taking off in schools, be sure to consider these online safety tips before launching a blog project.

Networking Policies

Excellent discussion of social networking policies by Vickie Davis

Using Wikis in the Classroom: Security, Safety and Netiquette

This wiki offers a comparison of safety and privacy features of several popular wiki destinations on the Internet, along with general netiquette.,+Safety+and+Netiquette

Blogging Guidelines: Behavior Code

This excellent Online Code of Behavior was established by the Discovery Team at Cresthill Middle School. It creates an online working environment that is:

  • Without fear (of insult, of reprisal, of dishonesty).
  • Scholastic.
  • Based upon protection (of personal information, of identity, of unique thoughts).
  • Creative, non-restrictive, tolerant, and sensitive.

This Code aims to extend other classroom blogging guidelines already in place in classrooms around the country. It is, however, unique to Cresthill and her students because it was generated and self-selected by 2006-2007 Discovery team students.

Arapahoe High School Blogging Policy

This is a set of general guidelines for the use of weblogs (“blogs”) at Arapahoe High School.

Guidelines for Blogging

by Anne Davis, Georgia Educational Technology Center

Parent Consent Form for Student Web Logs

One teacher's permission form/letter to parents to allow students to blog for an AP Literature class.

Mrs. Simpson's Blogging Policy

Blog Policy Considerations from Bud Hunt, Classroom Teacher/NECC Presenter




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